Tuesday, January 27, 2009

UFO's in Britain and ....Texas?

I am a little stunned. The Military.com website released an article by Assoc. Press that the Brits are shooting at UFO's. With their airplanes, or aeroplanes, to be English about it. Furthermore, it was revealed that they have been trying to do so, for some time.

Here is the article: "January 27, 2009United Press International "A former official with the British Ministry of Defense said military pilots in the country have been shooting at UFOs since the 1980s.
Nick Pope, former head of the Ministry of Defense's UFO project, said UFOs have been fired upon but none have been brought down or captured by the Royal Air Force, The Daily Telegraph reported Monday...
Pope said. "We know of cases where the order has been given to shoot down -- with little effect to the UFO."
Pope said pilots only fired upon UFOs in cases where the objects appeared threatening.
"In the case of UFOs, whether the object is causing a threat is very much a pilot's judgment call. The public won't know unless it comes down in a heavily populated area," he said. "

I began thinking about that populated area thing, and wondered what would happen if it did come down around either the Stirman or Fowler families...it might go something like this:

Interview with someone from the Stirman or Fowler Family:

REPORTER: Tell us what happened, Sir...
MMOOF:[male member of our family] Well, I was out back in the yard feeding my dog when this big oval thingy hovered overhead.
REPORTER: and what happened, then?
MMOOF: I got my rifle and shot it in the white blinking light.
REPORTER: Isn't that against the law?
MMOOF: What law, Son? The 'Don't shoot the Threatening Flying Object' law? The women were screaming, and the dogs were howling...something had to be done.
REPORTER: But--what if they shot back?
MMOOF: that would have been interesting. I wasn't shooting to kill, you know. Just moving them on to Massachusetts, where they could do some good, perhaps.
REPORTER: Why Massachusetts?
MMOOF: Well, I heard that New England was shootin' at them, you know. Which surprised me, because those folks wouldn't know a firearm from a firetruck.
REPORTER: That was England, not New England, that was shooting at the UFO's.
MMOOF: Did they get any?
MMOOF: Well, I did. Shot it with my 6mm Stirman Wildcat, a 90 grain Nosler Bullet, behind about 40 grains of 4064. You shoulda seen the sparks fly when I nailed that light. Mercy.
REPORTER:What will you do if it comes back?
MMOOF: Drag out the 30-'06. Shoot twice. Done playing with them.

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Wing....

Gas prices, being outrageous, caused us to look...backwards. Back to when we first invested in a motorcycle, 1973, during the Arab Oil Boycott. We later got BMW's and an 1100 Gold Wing....but managed to sell them along the way, when gas got cheap, and when lost the opportunity to ride with friends, like Eddie and Pat Glass. We found a '93 Model Gold Wing, and bought it right, in cold weather...

Of course, I had to drop the bike in front of my wife, at church...made it more attractive, too.

Couple of the guys at church and I rode to the Blueridge Parkway, to admire the scenery...felt like we were in an airplane. That is Anthony on the left, and Ronnie on the right....Greg, from Newnan, took the picture. Both Greg and Ronnie were on Wings, too. Anthony was on a Yamaha that looked like and sounded like a Harley.
This was our last ride...November 2...getting kind of nippy out on the Blueridge...Chris and Stephanie Shook were our chaperones...Chris was taking the picture...he owns the nice Harley in front.
Of course, this is not recommended for family and children. Nor for the unsaved...be ready to meet your Maker, and then have a great time.

God protects Fools and Children...

The Cross Carry...always before Easter...
Grandkids come visit...and Chris takes on a ride...

Men's Retreat...Russ won the skeet shooting..

Here was the second highest scorer...

Chipper Hartzell and Jonathon, conferring on the power of the .410 shotgun against the big boys....

When I last blogged, December of 2007, I had been planning to go on an elk hunt, but instead went into the hospital with a leg problem. Three weeks there, kept the leg, and in Thanksgiving time, went back in, and experienced a pretty fair beginning of recovery. Leg wrapping, antibiotics...all that awful stuff that is part of getting up on one's feet again. No, I will not show pictures of that time. You may relax...rather, I decided that since I could walk again, there would a getting back on the horse again: Easter, Men's Retreat, Dad's Golf Tournament, and acquiring a motorcycle, again. Did 'em all, by God's grace. Here are some pictures....enjoy! more on the way.